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Tips for Choosing a Wedding Venue

If you are looking for a venue for your wedding reception there are a few details that need to be considered. Brides often forget about these aspects of the event.

1. THEME - Think about your theme and ask yourself does the venue reflect that? Do you want Modern, Edgy, Traditional, Formal? one of the most important parts of picking a wedding venue is matching it to your theme.

2. PARKING - Will your guests have to pay for parking? Is the parking safe and secure?

3. NUMBER OF GUESTS ALLOWED - What is the maximum number of guests allowed?

4. NUMBER OF EVENTS PER DAY - An important question to ask is how many events does this venue host per day?

5. VENDOR/SUPPLIERS - Are you allowed to choose your own suppliers like the DJ, Catering, Flowers, Photographer, Decor Hire , Draping etc. or are you forced to use the venue’s preferred supplier list.

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