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Wedding Reception - Chairs

Weddings to us at TFM Innovation is all about the details therefor we thought we’d share a few wedding day details with you.
The Chairs
Choosing the right chairs can really change a dull and dreary reception space into a spectacular elegant event.
How do you do this? Match your chair choice to your wedding style. If it’s a black-tie wedding, cover every chair in rich, silk fabric and add a coordinating sash. For a wedding that’s outdoors, consider using wimbledon or tiffany chairs instead of the plastic kind.

For a fresh twist, get colorful, patterned chair cushions or match the cushion to your colour. You can also use your chairs to highlight the season. Play around and try decorating every one of the chairs with a miniature wreath for a winter wedding, or tie fresh blooms to each of the chairs for a spring/summer wedding.
Contact us for a variety of chairs for your wedding day, our philosophy - your day, your style, with our innovation, we make it happen!

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